Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Joy is a Mango

It's mango season, and they're everywhere! For the dollar a reliable source tells me is the average for one mango in the US, here you could buy around twenty much bigger and better ones. They are sweet and juicy and a huge treat.

I was going to tell you how to eat a mango, but in the manner of students everywhere, I thought, why should I bother since probably someone else has done a better job than I would and I can just link to it. So I googled "how to eat a mango" and was amazed to get over four million hits. Everything from a photo of a good way to cut a mango to how to discuss eating mangoes correctly in Gujarati to the Mango Tango from Sesame Street. Someone apparently wrote a book called Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango which is allegedly full of "pearls of wisdom." Does anybody remember what we used to do before Google?

The other day I went into the auditorium at my daughter's school and saw that they have put up a large fruit at the front to represent each of the fruit of the spirit. I laughed when I saw that joy was a mango. How perfect. Of course joy is a mango, as its juice runs down your chin and its sweetness fills you up. Joy is extravagant and cheery and so is a mango. Joy sustains us through tough times, and hey, a mango does a good job of that too. It's good for you and delicious too.

Eat a mango today! I'm going to!


Bridget said...

Mangos, or is it mangoes, are one of the foods I miss most from Haiti! I buy them here, but they are definitely not the same.

And your descriptions of cutting them made me laugh--I used to ask Charity to "make me one" since I couldn't do it very well! :)

Ruth said...

Mangos or mangoes?

Either is correct.