Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blogging the World Cup from an African Perspective

I had to share this link with you. Some things I particularly enjoyed:

"I had to do something about watching a few matches since my kaboss was not going to give me a whole month off just to watch the world cup. Therefore, I bring you live streaming of the World Cup. You have to download a zip file and then fuata instructions." - A Kenyan blogger who gives a great example of English/Swahili/Sheng/high tech language.

"The power situation in Abuja is at its all time worst. PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) is so... unpredictable, they seize the power almost every day for at least five hours." - A Nigerian blogger. (Where I live we talk about the company "giving" and "taking" the power - as in "They finally gave power! Oh wait, they took it already." This description, including the word "seize," made me smile in sympathy.)

You can find links to both of these blogs, and others, if you follow the BBC link at the beginning of this post.

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