Monday, June 26, 2006


I love to do laundry in the United States. Here's why:

1. At home we have to wait for the power to come on. Here it's on all the time!

2. When we start up the machine here, water just gushes in! You don't have to help it along with a bucket!

3. When the clothes are clean, you throw them in the dryer! At home, we hang them on the line. I always scoff at those detergent ads that promise clothes with that line-fresh smell. Bleck. Give me the dryer smell and feel any day. Our clothes come inside stiff, with ants on them, smelling of charcoal smoke.

4. If anything needs to be ironed (which is less likely than at home, since everything has been in the dryer here), you can do it whenever you want! The power is still on!

I encourage my kids to get as dirty as possible here so I can do laundry every day. I've been washing my brother's stuff from the hamper, too. I think I'll go ask the neighbors if they have anything dirty.


Bridget said...

You could come over to my house. ;)

Ruth said...

What's that? You have laundry to be done? I'll be right over! :-)

Jungle Pop said...

I'm totally with you on this! When we got here (the States) from TCWWJCF (the country where we just came from - make a word out of THAT!), that was one of the big WOWs for me.

Laundry any time of the day? This place rocks!

Ruth said...

Yeah, it sure does. Thanks for the link, Jungle Pop. And I'm glad to get to see how you look, finally. ;-)

Hendrick Family said...

So funny! I laugh every time I'm filling the washing machine up with a water hose.