Saturday, June 24, 2006

Power Cut

While I was waxing lyrical yesterday, the power company had already come to our house in the country where I live usually (remember, I'm not at home right now) and cut off our power supply. Why? We aren't sure. Our bill is paid - we even paid ahead since we were going to be away. One time when this happened, they were trying to cut off the neighbors for non-payment and got us instead. Who knows why?

Understand, we only get power a few hours a day anyway, and when the neighbors have it and we don't, that's a recipe for depression. So now we (well, the people staying in our house) have to start calling every day, pleading with the power company to reconnect us. They'll also go down to the office with the receipt to prove that we paid. But from our past experience we know that it is a lot easier to get cut off than it is to get reconnected.

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