Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day Three

Things at school are settling down a bit, becoming slightly less chaotic each day. Kids are still trickling in, but almost everyone whose name is on my list has made an appearance now. I've been giving out lockers, setting up procedures, getting things truly underway.

Today I picked up an extra class, one I've never taught before, so that will be an interesting challenge. It's good because I was feeling guilty about how light and easy my schedule was this year. I always have to be suffering, you know, and feeling guilty. It's an MK thing. If everything is going too well my character will not be sufficiently built. Now I feel my credibility as an overworked teacher has returned and I can gripe with a clear(er) conscience (not completely clear - I'll find something to feel guilty about - like the griping).

It is extremely, excessively, mind-bendingly warm. Right now it is 90 degrees, feels like 104 (actually, it feels more like 114, but Yahoo says 104). Today there was some kind of glitch with the generator - apparently involving maintenance, and switching to the old generator briefly - and we were without power between about one and two. Right after lunch, right at the steamiest part of the day. Nobody in my class fell asleep, but everyone looked miserable. The worst part was hearing the generator winding up to start and then having it not start - that happened three times at least. Finally it started back up and the AC in the classroom could be restarted. Whew. (And, my obligatory disclaimer: we are one of the few schools in this country that even has AC, we are spoiled rotten, yada yada yada.)

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