Friday, August 13, 2010

My Classroom

I've never posted photos of my classroom on my blog before this year, because I was being all anonymous, and stuff. (I'm a little scared of this new, more open me. I watch in fascinated horror to see what I might say or do next.)

I am so happy to have my classroom back! I know it is not very high-tech compared with classrooms in the US. (Before the earthquake I had three functional student computers in my room and now, as you can see, I have two monitors and a pile of wires. Would someone come fix that for me, please?) But I think it is beautiful.

You can see that there are still a few things to be done. The bean bag chairs, so beloved by the students during Silent Reading and Writer's Workshop, need to go home and get washed. The floor needs sweeping and the wastebaskets need emptying. But on the whole, I am ready for the kids to come to school.

Notice that I wrote "August 17th, 2010" on my board. The last date I wrote up there was "January 13th, 2010," right before I left my room on the day of the earthquake. I had a little moment when I wrote the date for the first day of school.

I love my classroom! And this is the moment of the year when I feel most effective as a teacher. Once the kids get here, things aren't quite as easy as they are now. But they are a lot more fun!


Janet said...

I loved seeing these! Looks like you're all ready to go...

Anonymous said...

Your classroom looks great! I pray you will have a wonderful school year.


Kathie said...

I loved teaching in that classroom. I remember that I made white curtains for the lower part of the windows, just to try to keep the kids focused, so much noise! That was before we had a/c. I had a ton of books too... I left them there I think. It seems to be what I do, go somewhere, teach for a while and collect books, then leave everything behind. Crazy! I'm collecting again... great fun!