Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I ordered my copy of Mockingjay right after it came out, probably in early September (it was published in August). The book was shipped immediately and has spent the intervening time in Customs. Meanwhile a couple of my students have already read the book and are burning to discuss it, which means, to tell me how it ends.

While my husband was in the States last weekend, he bought me another copy and hand-carried it in. Last night I eyed it longingly but I knew that if I started reading it, I wouldn't go to sleep for hours, if at all. Today I took it to work with me, and I actually read a few pages while the seventh graders were doing their silent reading, but any teacher knows that's not a time when you can lose yourself in a book; crowd control is the main issue, and then I have to keep track of what everyone's reading, too.

This evening I was hoping to get started for real on the book, but guess what? I left it in my classroom! So I guess I will have to wait another day.

Nobody tell me what happens, OK?


Tricia said...

Okay, I won't tell you that Katniss... oh wait. I wasn't going to tell you.

(My husband actually paid a dollar to get a Zoom Lends copy from our library on Monday, rather than wait months to get to the top of the hold list. He read the first two books in the past week. Now that they're all in the house, I should re-read them!)

denie heppner said...

it's an awesome book. i have my granddaughter's copy...and have read it 3 times. i NEVER re-read books. it's so good. can't wait for the movie...