Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Story from Haiti, part nineteen

The first segment of this episode, Recuperating after the Quake, tells about Francis Almonor, and his struggles after the earthquake to get his sister Myrtha to the US for the medical care she desperately needed. Myrtha was paralyzed from the waist down after her school collapsed on her. She was being cared for in wretched conditions. Francis was successful in getting her the care she needed, though she remains paralyzed.

Here's my index to the programs The Story has done about the Haitian earthquake and its aftermath.


Tricia said...

Dick Gordon is going to be doing a show in Ann Arbor this coming weekend - I need to see if tickets are still available.

Ruth said...

Really? I didn't know he did live shows. He is such an amazing interviewer - I've never heard a better one. He draws people out with great skill.

Tricia said...

The description doesn't say who he is going to be interviewing, so maybe it's not going to be taped for radio. Maybe he's just going to talk. The page about it is not very informative! It's going to be a fund raiser for a local "supportive housing" non-profit, so tickets are kind of pricey.