Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Photo Credit: New York Times


Burn it
Burn it all
Tires and logs,
Merchants' stands where on better days
Vegetables tempt passers-by.

Burn it
Burn it all
The contents of an overflowing dumpster
Pushed over in the middle of the street.

Burn it
Burn it all
Posters of a smooth, smiling candidate
Ripped down by people who support
A different smooth, smiling candidate.

Burn it
Burn it all
Schoolbooks, voters' cards, ballots,
Dreams for the future,
Pride from the past.

Whatever you have,
Add it to the blaze:
Stoke the fires,
Burn it all.

Ruth, from

This post is linked to Weekend Wordsmith from December 3rd.


Maria said...

:-( I'm so sorry, Ruth. Sounds like a very stressful time.

Anonymous said...

Burn it all - purify!

Linda Mitchell said...

Oh, that poem by Frost is a favorite. I admire your determination to live in a state of cheerful and gratefulness. You have been in my thoughts and well as your students. I'm grateful that you have connection and can check in with the rest of us on Poetry Fridays. I send you a sparkler of friendship!