Wednesday, December 22, 2010

John's Haircut

I wanted to follow up on this post. If you scroll down to the bottom of it you will see an announcement that John McHoul had agreed to have his head shaved if Tara and friends could raise $50,000 to begin work on a hospital at Heartline. They raised $56,000, and here's a video of the haircut.

It's fun to see John get his head shaved, but it is seriously wonderful to think of a fully-equipped maternity hospital at Heartline. There's already a birthing center, but because many of these women are high-risk, Heartline ends up having to transport women in labor quite often, and there just aren't a lot of good options for them. This hospital will be life-saving and will treat these women with dignity, respect and love. Every woman should deliver her baby in peace and safety. Hooray for Heartline for making that possible for the women they serve!

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