Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The election results were finally announced at about 9 PM. It was expected that Manigat and Martelly would be the two candidates in the runoff (if no candidate has more than 50% there is automatically a runoff). Instead, the two candidates are Manigat and Celestin. Celestin is the government's preferred candidate, belonging to INITE party like the current president, Preval, who is unpopular at the moment due to his lack of effective response after the earthquake.

I never talk about politics on this blog and I'm not planning to start now, but here's how it affects us: we are home again today. In the streets, crowds burn and shoot. Children all over the country lose yet another day of school. And don't forget that a million people are still living in tents after the earthquake, and that 92,000 people have been infected with cholera and 2,000 have died.

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