Friday, January 29, 2016

Poetry Friday: Bougainvillea and Razor Wire

I took this photo in the courtyard of my house, and then I started thinking about the mixed messages sent by the flowers and the barbed wire.

Bougainvillea and Razor wire

The pink flowers say, “Welcome.”
The razor wire says, “Not so fast.”

The razor wire says, “It’s protected here.”
The flowers say, “It’s friendly here.”

The flowers say, “We’re beautiful.”
The razor wire says, “Come close and you’ll regret it.”

The razor wire says, “You might as well just go away.”
The bougainvillea adds, “I have thorns.”

The flowers say, “You belong here.”
The razor wire says, “No you don’t.”

Ruth, from

The roundup is here today. 


jama said...

I like that the flower is still welcoming despite the thorns. Interesting counterpoint in your poem. :)

Tara said...

Who belongs? I go with beauty every time...

Linda B said...

It is a huge conflict, makes me think of quite a few going on in our world, like the "sometimes" welcome of refugees. You can do this, but not this. Thanks Ruth.

Catherine said...

We live in a world of contradictions, and need both beauty and safety. Thank you for sharing your though-provoking poem.

Mary Lee said...

I agree with Tara. We could pair our poems this week. They are very different...and yet the same.

Carol Varsalona said...

I missed this poem. Conflict, tension, point of view make me ponder!

Margaret Simon said...

The contradiction is visual in your image and poem. I think we live with these contradictions inside us as well. Welcoming others in is risky and sometimes we show our thorns.