Friday, January 08, 2016

Poetry Friday - First Lesson

It has been wonderful having my daughter home over the Christmas vacation, and today's poem is in honor of her as she heads back to college tomorrow.  We send her with so much love and pride.

First Lesson
Philip Booth

Lie back, daughter, let your head
be tipped back in the cup of my hand.
Gently, and I will hold you.  Spread
your arms wide, lie out on the stream
and look high at the gulls.  A dead-
man's-float is face down. You will dive
and swim soon enough where this tidewater
ebbs to the sea.  Daughter, believe
me, when you tire on the long thrash
to your island, lie up, and survive.
As you float now, where I held you
and let go, remember when fear
cramps your heart what I told you:
like gently and wide to the light-year
stars, lie back, and the sea will hold you.

Tabatha has today's roundup here.


Tabatha said...

So sweet! Heartwarming, Ruth. Thanks.

Maria said...

How lovely.

Doraine said...

This is beautiful. I was almost twelve when I took swimming lessons for the first time. I remember that terrifying feeling of letting go, and then the wonder of being held.

Tara said...

Love this and feel it so deeply about my own children - just beautiful!

Mary Lee said...

The pure love of a mother is in this poem!