Thursday, April 22, 2021

NPM Day 22, Progressive Poem is Here!

Today it's my turn to host the Progressive Poem. This is a fun tradition that's in its ninth year, and I've participated each year! This year, like last, each poet is writing two lines, so that the next person can choose between them.

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Leigh Ann Eck gave me two lines to choose from:


We paddle and paddle to the island we see.


Ahh! Here comes a wave--let's hold on tight!


I chose the second line.


Every year, my kids give me helpful suggestions. One year, my daughter said my line should be "Suddenly, ninjas!" And this year my son offered: "But that was before the darkness came." I decided not to follow their advice (though I was tempted).


I wrote my two lines, one a little more abstract and one that went in a more concrete direction.  Leigh Ann had mentioned wanting to get back to kindness, where the poem began, and I shared that desire, so I tried to do that in my first line. Here they are:

To the boat, to kindness, to friendship's delight



Splashing and laughing, let's play until night!


If Janice chooses the first one, she can leave off the exclamation mark from Leigh Ann's line.


So here's the poem so far, without my line (waiting for Janice to add the one she picks):


I’m a case of kindness – come and catch me if you can!

Easily contagious – sharing smiles is my plan.

I'll spread my joy both far and wide

As a force of nature, I’ll be undenied. 

Words like, "how can I help?" will bloom in the street.

A new girl alone on the playground – let’s meet, let’s meet!

We can jump-skip together in a double-dutch round.

Over, under, jump and wonder, touch the ground.

Friends can be found when you open a door.

Side by side, let’s walk through, there’s a world to explore.

We’ll hike through a forest of towering trees.

Find a stream we can follow while we bask in the breeze.

Pull off our shoes and socks, dip our toes in the icy spring water

When you’re with friends, there’s no have to or oughter.

What could we make with leaves and litter?

Let's find pine needles, turn into vine knitters.

We'll lie on our backs and find shapes in the sky.

We giggle together: See the bird! Now we fly?

Inspired by nature, our imaginations soar.

Follow that humpback! Here, take an oar.


Ahh! Here comes a wave -- let's hold on tight!



It's your turn, Janice!


Denise Krebs said...

I like the line that turns this ship back toward kindness. :) Nice work on both lines. I'm sure Janice will enjoy taking it to the next step.

Leigh Anne Eck said...

You did what I tried to do with kindness! Maybe it just took two lines to get it! ;)

Christie Wyman said...

Either line wraps its arms around kindness, Ruth. Well done! -- Christie

Carol Varsalona said...

Ruth, I am excited how the poem is progressing with imagination and action. Your two lines are setting us in the right direction and I am eager to see how Janice sees the poem moving forward.

Linda B said...

Continuing the sheer fun together and with kindness is wonderful, Ruth. Either line brings smiles. Only eight days left!

Margaret Simon said...

Ah, you had the challenge to make it rhyme. Love both lines. That's the thing that is so fun about this poem, riding the waves of lines and choices. Where will we go? (Margaret Simon)

Susan Bruck said...

I really like both of your lines. I like that one of them takes the poem back to kindness, but whichever line gets used, it will further the adventure of this fun poem!

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Agree with all--the shape of the poem requires a rhyme and a return and you have managed both in your choices.

Robyn Hood Black said...

Wonderful, Ruth, both choices - and tell your kiddos to keep offering suggestions, too - Now I have images of Ninjas dancing in my head! ;0) Happy Blog Birthday this week as well... 15 years is something to be very proud of. :0)