Sunday, April 18, 2021

NPM Spring Cleaning Day 18, Interview with Thanhha Lai


One day last week, we had a day off school because local religious leaders had called for a day of prayer for the lawlessness that is engulfing Haiti. Since I had some extra time, I went through some tabs open on my desktop and did some spring cleaning. I often save longer videos for when I will have time to watch them, and this has been open since last May. In fact, you can tell from the interview that it was recorded last April, during National Poetry Month.

Laura Shovan posted this interview with Thanhha Lai, the author of several books, including the verse novel Inside Out and Back Again, which I've been reading with my seventh graders for years. What a great conversation between two writers of verse novels! Some highlights for me: the question about whether writing verse novels is just a matter of writing prose and then breaking it up into shorter lines, why Thanhha Lai chose to write Inside Out and Back Again as a verse novel, and differences between first generation immigrants (especially refugees) and their children. Highly recommended viewing and listening!


One of the things my students can always relate to in this book (set during the Vietnam War) is the way Hà's teacher in Alabama, with very good motives, shows the class photos from Vietnam and makes Hà upset because she doesn't want her classmates to know Vietnam just for the war that's going on there. My students all have stories to tell of the way people only know negative things about Haiti, a country that they know is beautiful, is wonderful, is home. (I wrote more about that here.) As you read my words about problems here, know that there is much, much more to this country than its problems. 

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Linda B said...

I agree about only knowing the bad parts of a place, can be applied in so many areas! I had a parent long ago who spent time in Haiti doing art & teaching children there. I'm not in touch anymore but she shared some time and information then to my class & we were enchanted. This was before the earthquake, sad to say, & I don't know if she continued. Thanks for this good reminder, Ruth.

Kortney Garrison said...

I've been thinking a lot about verse novels...thanks for the link to the interview!