Thursday, October 26, 2023

Poetry Friday: Birdtober Day Twenty-Seven: Blue Penguin




The official name for the Blue Penguin is Little Penguin. They are also called fairy penguins. They live in Australia and New Zealand and they are the smallest penguin species. For twenty years, people from around the world have been knitting sweaters for these penguins to protect them from oil pollution.

Little Penguin,
Fairy Penguin,
In a cozy sweater,
Tell me, do you think the world
is ever getting better?
People hurt and people kill
and people seem so hateful.
Yet they knit you tiny sweaters,
so for that I’m grateful.

©Ruth Bowen Hersey

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Tracey Kiff-Judson said...

Ruth, I have never heard of blue penguins and the thought of knitting them sweaters is fascinating. What a strange relationship we humans have with the other inhabitants of this planet!

Carol Labuzzetta said...

Thanks for introducing me to the Blue Penguin, Ruth! I've never heard of them and never have I seen them in a zoo. We just visited a Penguin exhibit in a UNESCO Heritage Zoo - The Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna - a great variety of penguins but none as cute as this little guy. You're poem speaks of some of the goodness left in the world.

Patricia Franz said...

Aww! I got to see the fairy penguins in Australia back in the 80's -- I guess prior to when they wore blue sweaters! But what a spot of joy in this craziness of a world!

Tabatha said...

1) Knitters are awesome 2) Penguins are also awesome 3) Poets know...awesome and 4) You have almost made it to the end of Birdtober!!!!

Mary Lee said...

Humans are a puzzle. The sweaters are good, but maybe it would be better not to pollute with oil spills???

Verrena Diane Anderson said...

Just a little glimpse of people doing something good keeps hope alive.

Linda B said...

It's a wonderful thing to hear about those jumpers, Ruth, and your thank you in the poem feels even better!

Janice Scully said...

Sweet little bird and sweet poem. I love meeting this little treasure. Thanks you.

Linda said...

Ruth, I never heard of blue penguins. They are adorable! Thank you for the photo and for your hopeful poem.

Michelle Kogan said...

Beautiful and heartfelt little poem for the Little Penguin. How sweet that people have been knitting sweaters for them, and how sad the reason they are. Thanks for sharing your poem Ruth, and this bird, I may want to write for it too…

laurasalas said...

I love your wry and cheerful and quirky penguin sweater poem, Ruth! It's so clever...and I learned something. Thank you :>)

Karen Eastlund said...

Ruth... love it! Animals offer us much to appreciate, as do your birdtober writings.