Friday, January 29, 2010


My son has a big bruise on his knee. The first time I noticed it was when he was taking a bath when we got to the States - his first bath since the earthquake. I asked him what it was from and he said he got it when he fell, when the earth shook.

He was playing tetherball with his friend when the earthquake happened. He fell to the ground and suddenly a crack opened up next to him. He thought it was going to keep opening up and perhaps swallow him, so he jumped up and ran away.

He has a bruise on his knee. Every time I see it I think, I could have lost him. So many mothers have lost their children, and yet mine are alive and healthy. Just a bruise to show for what they experienced.

We all have bruises on our hearts. You can't see them but they are there. Those will take longer to heal. They will never go away completely.


Blesh said...

Ruth, I remember seeing your son running during the earthquake. He was running towards the field area & I remember locking my eyes on each of my own children that were scattered throughout the campus & then locking my eyes on each of the QCS students as if they were all my own...I had time to do all of this during the quake(I was on the bleachers)while I too was making my way through the waves of the earth moving to the center of the field. It does comfort me in knowing that all of the students & adults at QCS during those 30 or so very long seconds seemed to naturally run towards each other for safety & comfort. This tells us something about the uniqueness of QCS & our family there doesn't it? I miss them too. Reading your blog today has helped me to grieve & to smile. Today has been a tough day for me & my children emotionally so thank you. Love & hugs to you Ruth.

Ruth said...

Hugs to you too, Denise. Sorry I disappeared this morning - there were fifty things happening at once.