Friday, January 01, 2010

Read in 2009

I read 59 books in 2009. This doesn't count every read-aloud to my children or my students, though some of those are on the list. It also doesn't count books of poetry.

Books 1-4
Books 5-10
Books 11-14
Books 15-25
Books 26-32
Books 33-42
Books 43-46
Books 47-55
Book 56 (War and Peace! I finally finished it!)
Book 57
Books 58 and 59

Linked to this week's Saturday Review of Books.


Kristen Howerton said...

Wow, so many good book ideas from reading through your lists! We have similar taste. And congrats on War and Peace! Getting through that one takes some stamina. I've tried but haven't succeeded yet.

Ruth said...

Thanks for visiting, Kristen! I hope I get to meet you one of these days!