Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Right after I got here, I went to see a friend, and we mostly talked about Haiti but then we talked for about ten minutes about books. It felt so good to talk about something normal, but then I immediately felt guilty. How could I stop thinking about Haiti for ten minutes?

I'm learning that it's OK to have those brief minutes of normal and, in fact, that I should even enjoy them. It doesn't mean I've forgotten. The grief is still there, and it comes at me in waves, and it's huge and bottomless. Sometimes getting that little tiny break from it, maybe even laughing at something or thinking that something is beautiful, is OK. It just has to be.

So I had a pretty good day today. I had lunch with a friend. She and I talked a lot about Haiti, but we also talked about a couple of other things. She made me smile. We went to a bookstore. I still can't read books, but just going to a bookstore is progress. I got some packages. One of the ladies from North Carolina who was with us after the earthquake sent a bunch of clothes and fun stuff for my son, and she also put in a photo she had taken of my husband and had framed. That made me smile, too.

I also cried a lot today. That's just a given. I miss Haiti. I miss the Haiti that used to be. I miss my husband. I miss my students and my job and my life. I miss my friends. I grieve for those who are dead, for those who have lost limbs, for all who suffer. I grieve for all that is lost and will never be again, for the hopes that were taken away.

So that was today.


Janet said...

Did you go to JB? I'm completely jealous.

I wish I could be there.

Among Worlds said...

So sorry Ruth! Wish I had a magic potion, the right things to say, a hug that could literally travel through cyberspace...anything tangible to let you know how much we care for, and about, you!

I cannot begin to fathom the depths of grief you are experiencing, the feeling of emptiness, the helplessness of it all... BUT...I can extend to you my shoulder, lots of Kleenex and plenty of time to sit and be with you.

Ruth said...

Janet, yes! I was with Mrs. V.

Thank you, Margie. It really does help that so many people care.

Jessica Stock said...

Thinking of you lots, keeping you and your family in my prayers Ruth.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Jess.