Sunday, October 17, 2010


My camera batteries were dead when I tried to take a picture on our way to church, so I don't have any photos for you today. I would have thought that the smashed buildings I have seen now week after week would start to seem just scenery, and that I would hardly notice them any more. That hasn't happened. While they no longer surprise me, they still give me a sick, sad feeling.

The election advertising continues to multiply. (Here's an article about the campaign.) I saw a banner today for Michel Martelly, AKA Sweet Micky, who is already the self-declared President of Kompa and is now running for President of Haiti. Apparently his slogan (or one of them) is Souke ko'w. Shake your body. One thing this election season won't be is dull.

On our way home from church, we saw a lot of UN vehicles, including an armored vehicle full of troops, and perhaps the attempted prison break this morning had something to do with that?

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elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy! So many things here that are not easy...