Monday, October 04, 2010

Spirit Week

It's Spirit Week. Hooray.

I spent yesterday in bed, sick, and I'm not 100% recovered today. I didn't have much extra energy or patience on this Monday, and it was a Monday in which I needed more of those qualities than usual, not less. Every day this week there is some special dress-up day, and somehow our students, who usually wear uniforms, seem to become crazier just by being dressed in strange costumes. Today was Pyjama Day. In addition to wearing pyjamas, kids came with a variety of stuffed animals, including an enormous bear that had to be passed around and hugged and a monkey that had its arms around various seventh graders as the day progressed.

As the week goes on, the insanity builds, so the fact that Monday was trying is not a good sign. I hope to have a little more physical stamina tomorrow to help me.

Here's a post from Spirit Week 2007. That year we had just lost a colleague, a 25-year-old who had died completely unexpectedly.

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