Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Slice of Life Tuesday: Twenty-Five Miles

On Saturday I rode 25 miles on the exercise bike. 

The challenge isn't the endurance; my legs can do it. I'm not fast, but I don't quit. The challenge is the boredom. If I were riding on the Haitian streets, I would never get bored. Terrified, yes. In fear for my life, sure. But never bored. 

So I watched Netflix and pretended I was somewhere else. 

After a while, though, the metaphor of putting all my energy into pedaling and going mile after mile after mile and yet never changing my location starts to irk me. It's a little too perfect for this school year, when I work and work, and still feel as though I'm right where I started. 

I'm getting stronger, though, right? The weights I'm lifting while on the bike are helping my old-lady arms, right? And my students and I are getting stronger as we work against all the obstacles, right? COVID-19 and crime in the streets and protests and political upheaval and internet problems and having class discussions when we're all wearing masks and so on? 

Let's just say yes. It's all worth it! Keep on pedaling! 


Erika Victor said...

I ride an exercise bike too and sometimes do struggle with boredom. I try to mix it up- read on my Kindle, watch TV, listen to a podcast. You are getting stronger! Lifting weights while biking is something I have not tried (yet)- that sounds hard!

Jill Bless said...

I feel your pain...we seem to be logging the miles but are we really going anywhere? I say yes! We will come out better on the other end. Keep at it!

wideopenwonder said...

I've had a hard time staying motivated to keep moving. Thank you for this post that is nudging me to get back at it.

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

I feel for you and your adopted country. The US is coming into smoother waters now, I think, but I vividly remember what last summer was like.