Sunday, October 24, 2021

Birdtober Day Twenty-Four: Bowerbird


There are twenty species of bowerbirds, and what they are best known for is in their name: bowers. They build and decorate elaborate art pieces to lure female birds. They fill these with objects, both natural and man-made that they gather like toddlers, and they spend hours rearranging and spiffing up their creations. 

After my poem, which includes some advice to the bowerbirds which they really do not need, you'll see two videos. The first shows some bizarre and hilarious behavior, a Satin Bowerbird playing with his blue objects, and then some bandit birds stealing them. The second reveals what the Flame Bowerbird does once he gets the girl to view his bower. 

Advice to a Bowerbird

If you want a chance at mating
Better do some decorating.
Better set about collecting
If you’d like to start connecting.
Gather lovely shells, stones, flowers,
Plastic baubles; build your bowers.
Better do some decorating
If you want a chance at mating.

©Ruth Bowen Hersey

Here's some general information about bowerbirds.




Mary Lee said...

Sometimes it's GOOD to be late to the roundup! I'm glad I got to see your take on the woodcock (they do lend themselves to funny youtubes), I learned about the Katje, and oh, how I love bowerbirds. They are SUCH amazing artists!!

Carol Varsalona said...

Ruth, you really are having fun with birdology poems. I am on the late side nowadays. I never seem to have enough time just for me but I am glad that I stopped by your post before bedtime.