Thursday, October 14, 2021

Poetry Friday: Birdtober Day Fifteen: Gray Catbird


I've seen the Gray Catbird in the US, but although eBird says they are sometimes found here in Haiti, I haven't seen one here. I wrote a cinquain about the Gray Catbird, and since it's so short, you'll have time to click on a couple of my other Birdtober posts from the week! (I especially like my cuckoos from yesterday, and I'm sorry they landed on a Thursday, when hardly anybody reads my blog!)

Gray Catbird. Photo Source:

Gray Catbird

Grey, black beret,
Perches at top of tree,
Meowing like a marooned cat

I read about this bird here, here, and here

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On Saturday I wrote about the Great Blue Heron here.

On Sunday it was the Grebe family here.

On Monday I posted a poem about the Dickcissel here.

On Tuesday I wrote about Canada Geese.

On Wednesday I posted a Fox Sparrow haiku here.

And on Thursday there were TWO cuckoo poems here - I wrote about the Hispaniolan Lizard-Cuckoo and the Smooth-billed Ani, plus shared a song from Mexico about the Smooth-billed Ani! A bonanza of cuckoos.

Bridget is hosting today's roundup. I'm excited to have a poem in her new anthology - head on over there to read what it's all about!


Linda Mitchell said...

I love that word, beret, in your cinquain. Such a jaunty word for a jaunty bird.

Michelle Kogan said...

I like your "Grey, black beret," and "Meowing like a marooned cat–"your poem seems just the right length. I love their rusty-red almost camouflaged feathers, thanks Ruth, and for your week's poems too!

Denise Krebs said...

Ah, this little bird is also wearing a beret, as the grebe in Michelle's post does today too. I love that line "meowing like a marooned cat"

Elisabeth said...

This is wonderful Ruth! I love the line about mewing like a cat - given the adversarial nature of the relationship between cats and birds (at least where I live). And your description of him as wearing a beret - delightful!

Bridget Magee said...

Yay for poems about beret-wearing birds that mew like a cat, Ruth! Maybe he is having an identity crisis? ;)

mbhmaine said...

Catbirds, with their jaunty caps, are some of my favorites! They're so vocal and have such a range of sounds. They are one of my favorites to see in the spring. They nest around our house, so we enjoy their antics all summer long.

Linda B said...

Love that "grey, black beret", Ruth. It's wonderful that you're writing every day to the prompts, & obviously learning so much! I wonder if Audubon would love to hear about these poems?

Karen Eastlund said...

We have quite a few catbirds here in NJ. I'm jealous of their berets! I've also seen a woodcock here, and in WY I saw a little covey of grebes while canoeing. Their outfits were funky! Thanks for your birdTober posts, I'll check them out. Best to you.

Janice Scully said...

This cinquain and the poem you posted yesterday, about cuckoo's solo performance were both wonderful. the repetition in the cinquain in your first and last lines works so well and your experience with the cuckoo show us that maybe we miss something when we are always trying to capture something in a picture.

Mary Lee said...

I'm so impressed by all of your research and creativity! I know how you feel about the photos that failed to capture your experience. It's hard to put the phone down and just savor something without documenting it. (And as you point out, for what? for whom?) Happy birding and writing this week!

Jone said...

I love your research and the black beret is perfect. I am focusing on the #inktober words but I like the bird words as well.

Carol Varsalona said...

Ruth, it is wonderful that you keep researching and writing a poem to fit all of the birds on the list. I enjoyed reading your recent posts besides this one. (Sorry this is so late in coming. I read through your posts before this morning but kept getting distracted by other tasks/events before sending a comment).