Thursday, October 21, 2021

Poetry Friday: Birdtober Day Twenty-Two: American Woodcock



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American Woodcock

Audubon begins
with a description of
American Woodcocks
being attacked by
“mischievous boys”
while the mother woodcock
plays dead.

He waxes eloquent
on how “healthful” a sport
shooting American Woodcocks
truly is.

And later,
he drools
as he imagines
a plate of delicious
American Woodcocks
consumed with a mug of cider.

And then there are the American Woodcock nicknames:
Labrador twister.
Even eBird calls them “goofy.”

Poor American Woodcock.

©Ruth Bowen Hersey

Sources: American Woodcock, Birds of America, American Woodcock, Wikipedia



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Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern about the situation in Haiti. Things are bad and not getting better. You are hearing and reading about a dramatic kidnapping in the media only because this time it happened to a group of US citizens. Such kidnappings, equally dramatic and even more so, have been going on for a long time. One of the reasons I took on this Birdtober project was to lift my eyes upward from my surroundings. It's hard to remain optimistic and to maintain trust in God, but we're doing our best, and birds and poetry help every time!


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Denise Krebs said...

Ruth, what a fascinating bird I had never heard of before. I loved watching the video--what a bill and dance!

Take care, Ruth. Thank you for the update on Haiti. Keep looking up. I'm so glad you are finding hope in God through writing and watching the birds.

Irene Latham said...

Dear Ruth, I'm so glad you are focusing up, on the birds. And thank you for sharing all those wacky names for the Am. woodcock... Poor guy, indeed! xo

Linda B said...

Audubon may have produced beautiful research and paintings but he is not without horrific shortcomings as your poem shows. Thanks for the intro & subtle message. I am thinking of you every day, Ruth, am sorry for the terrible news from your beloved country. I hope that focusing on the world of birds instead of humans is a help to you.

jama said...

Enjoyed learning about the American Woodcock in your poem, Ruth. Those nicknames are cool too. Sorry to hear things are not improving in Haiti. Take care and thanks for keeping us updated.

Janice Scully said...

Your poem about the American Woodcock is fabulous, what disrespect and cruelty it has endured! I'm glad your video showed that he still knows how to have a good time. And what a beautiful bird the green black and white tanager! Great post.

Elisabeth said...

Your poem provides a sober reflection of the attitudes we've held towards the wildlife around us in the past, which prompts us to reflect on our current attitudes as well. Thank you for sharing the poem with us. I hope you continue to find refreshment for the soul in your Birdtober project.

Carol Varsalona said...

Ruth, I race through each weekend and then, sigh. Where does my time go? I do so want to sneak time for my readings. I did read your post over the weekend and I thought I wrote a comment but maybe it was on a day that I was so tired that I fell asleep over the computer. I am enjoying your birdtober poetry and of course the research behind it.