Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still Missing

You know, I'm trying really hard to keep this in perspective. It's not a human life that's lost. But in spite of all my searching, I still haven't found the binder with all my daily lesson plans in it from the last three years. I don't just use the same lesson plans year after year, but you bet I look back to see how I handled it last year, and what worked and what didn't. I have a self-created form that I fill out for each of my classes each week, and every semester I file away all of those forms in order in a binder. Do you think it comes naturally to me to be this organized? I assure you, it doesn't. I feel like I am going to be starting from scratch, and I am not at all happy about the prospect.


Cami said...

Lord, please help Mrs. H to find her binder. We know that this is important to you because it is important to her. This gift would mean so much to her. But not our will, Lord-Jesus, but yours. Thank you.

theorivas said...

Oh, man, so sorry, Ruth. That really stinks. I cannot find my main reference for books and lessons, either. I am a little bit pulling out my hair, because I have made tons of notes in this reference.

Janet said...

I haven't taught for 10 years, but when I transferred files from my old computer last week, a lot of them were lesson plans. And I saved them.

Feeling for you.