Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Story from Haiti, part seventeen

This episode was aired July 12th, the six month anniversary of the earthquake. Only one of the segments is about Haiti, and it's the first one. This isn't an interview done by Dick Gordon; it's from a radio station in Miami called WLRN. We actually heard this segment on the radio while we were driving through Florida. It's about some medical personnel from South Florida who went to Haiti right after the earthquake, and about what happened one evening when someone came into the middle of all the horribly injured people and started playing a guitar.

It made me cry, but I know that means nothing to you if you've read any of my previous posts, because you know everything makes me cry. But it would make even a non-basket-case person cry; even my husband had tears in his eyes. Please go listen to it. This is what I've been telling you about Haitians. They have always been like this, and now others are getting to see.

Here's my index to the stories this program has done about the Haitian earthquake.

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Tricia said...

i heard that one, too! (and it wasn't even interrupted by any severe weather alerts, like the previous one) The editing style at the beginning bugged me a bit, but by the time they got to the climax, i was so overwhelmed that I didn't care about that triviality any more.