Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Story from Haiti, part sixteen

This is a whole episode all about Haiti. Dick Gordon talks to Sandra Amilcar, who lives under a tarp with six other people, including her two children. She talks about how each day is about finding food for her family to eat. (She perceives the breastmilk she is forced to give her baby as inferior to the formula she isn't able to find.) She describes what her days are like.

Gordon also talks briefly to Roody Joseph, with whom he's spoken several times on previous episodes.

In the second segment he talks to Hilda Alcindor, the director of the nursing school in Leogane. (This town had some of the worst damage in the earthquake; some estimates say 90% of the buildings there were destroyed.) She calls what her students are suffering "concrete-phobia." They don't want to be inside under concrete because they fear it will collapse. They feel movement even when there is none. (There's also a brief clip of my friend Maggie Boyer talking about visiting the national nursing school in Port-au-Prince a few days after the earthquake - this is from an earlier show. It hurt me once again to hear the grief and despair in her voice. One hundred and nine nursing students died in that school.)

Here's my index of the Haiti-related episodes.

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