Tuesday, April 16, 2019

NPM: Day 16

This link is a recent addition to my collection of tabs. It recommends that I teach this poem: "A Woman Sleeps on an Island," by Marjorie Agosín, and provides the text in both English and Spanish. Scroll down for lesson ideas.

Maybe it's because I do sleep on an island, every night, that this poem appealed to me so much. Some lines I liked: "from her hair is born the dwelling place of memories and wild birds" and "her eyelids trace maps of strange geographies."

This poem, "Together," also concerns sleeping and an island. It's dreamy and mysterious, and it's lived on my desktop for much longer.

And for an island sleeping trifecta, check out this Derek Walcott poem, "Islands."
Today's line for the Progressive Poem is here.

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Linda B said...

I like the idea of being an island, and remember that final love poem, the one that made me remember to read more from my Wolcott book. It isn't the same, but I do love when we go to Captiva Island in the summer, always wishing I could stay! Thanks, Ruth. This touches today on the island where Notre Dame stands, too.