Thursday, November 18, 2021

Gratiku Day Eighteen


Today I am thankful for the sun. So far, nobody has been able to block Haiti from receiving that. It makes me happy, and it also brings power. More and more people I know have invested in a solar panel or several, and it sure is good to have those during times like these, when we are deprived of fuel. 

You can read this article for further explanations of how six million gallons of gas have been delivered this past week, but still people (including us) are having great difficulties in obtaining any. The national stocks of fuel are in gang territory, and this week the gangs have declared a "truce," permitting fuel to leave the terminal. Today is the last day of this "truce," and our tank is still empty. Not only ours, either; so many businesses, schools, and even hospitals are closed because they can't run their generators (we stopped relying on city power a long time ago) and their employees can't get to work. People are dying because of this crisis.


But the sun is shining!

Tropical sunshine
Sends light to all the corners
Powers joy’s engines


Try this album, Solèy Midi (Midday Sun) for beautiful music by a Haitian-American alumna of the school where I teach.

Birdtober? Gratiku? What's up with me and these made-up words and daily posting? Well, I've learned that a tiny little burst of creativity each day helps keep me going, stops me from being entirely fixated on the mess. That's why I post daily photos on Facebook. And that's why I'm doing these writing projects. This one is a daily haiku about something I'm thankful for. (A gratitude haiku - get it?) As long as the internet keeps working, I'm going to try to post one every day in November.

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GretchenJoanna said...

I love this! If one is a saint, I suppose the Holy Spirit would connect you to divine Joy no matter what the weather, but for myself, my mood seems tightly connected to the atmospheric environment, the sunshine specifically.