Monday, November 29, 2021

Gratiku Day Twenty-Nine


So many people in Haiti are in captivity right now, held by kidnappers. Years ago, a friend who had cancer told me to be thankful every time I wasn't in pain. I have remembered that many times. In the same way, yesterday I did what I wanted and was thankful to be free, not held against my will, but able to spend my time how I wished. So many are denied this privilege.


Read or snack or sleep
Choosing where and what and how:
Breezy afternoon


Birdtober? Gratiku? What's up with me and these made-up words and daily posting? Well, I've learned that a tiny little burst of creativity each day helps keep me going, stops me from being entirely fixated on the mess. That's why I post daily photos on Facebook. And that's why I'm doing these writing projects. This one is a daily haiku about something I'm thankful for. (A gratitude haiku - get it?) As long as the internet keeps working, I'm going to try to post one every day in November.


Linda B said...

I am hoping every day that this terrible time gets better, Ruth. Yes, being grateful is one thing we can do. Hugs to you and your husband, wishes for safety for all those at your school, too!

Jone said...

Each day I hope a miracle has arrive for Haiti. Thank you for sharing the news and continuing to be grateful.