Monday, May 03, 2010


There was another aftershock this afternoon in Port-au-Prince, a 4.4. I heard about it from some Facebook friends, and then there was an email from my husband. He said that several of the students at school were very scared and he said he needs extra wisdom and asked me to pray for that for him. Once school was out, a student wrote about the aftershock on Facebook, saying that it happened during class and was "reaaallly scary."

There are now fourteen hundred tent cities in the Port-au-Prince area. Some transitional housing is being built, and that article suggests that "temporary" has a way of becoming "permanent." Education is a huge priority; I read last week that half of Haiti's schools were destroyed in the earthquake. Here's another article about the situation. And here's a piece about four children who were rescued after the quake. Lord, have mercy!

Celebrities are still going to Haiti, even though it's not much in the news any more. I think it's a little unfair for that article to include Wyclef Jean in the same category as those who have discovered Haiti since the earthquake. He has been involved in helping his homeland for a long time, and here's the latest thing he did.

Times are hard in Port-au-Prince, but music is coming back; music of more than one kind.


Jenny said...

I've just caught up on your recent posts - you write so beautifully about your experiences. I suppose we may never meet in real life, but I just want to send you my love.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Jenny. I really appreciate you reading.