Monday, May 10, 2010

The Story from Haiti: Index

I have spent some time over the last few days listening to the episodes of The Story having to do with the earthquake in Haiti. Below you'll find links to my posts about the different segments; in each individual post you will find a link to the MP3 of the show. I appreciate this radio program very much because it tells people's stories in their own words, and I find I get more personal perspective on stories in the news from listening. These were difficult for me to listen to, but also heartening because of the many voices of people who care and who are doing something about the situation in Haiti.

Connecting with Haiti, from January 14th
Help and Hope for Haiti, from January 15th
The Rescue Effort, from January 18th
Safe Spaces for Children in Haiti, from January 19th
Hard Hits, from January 20th
Helping the Neighbors, from January 21st
Grief and Hope in Haiti, from January 26th
Haiti Partners, from January 27th
Home Away from Haiti, from January 29th
Emergency Green Card, from February 3rd
Hundreds of Babies, from February 4th
Photographs from Home, from February 9th
Air Force to Handbags, from February 15th
Gathering Courage, from April 20th
Haiti: A View from the Streets, from June 14th
Haiti: Two Children and a Tarp, from June 23rd
Six Months Since the Quake, from July 12th
A Haitian Success Story, from August 2nd
Recuperating after the Quake, from September 27th
Conserving Haitian Culture, from October 25th

I may not have found every single segment that this program did on the earthquake, but this is a pretty good collection here. As I notice followup programs I will add them.

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