Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Story from Haiti, part eight

The first segment here is about Darline Blanchard Williams, a fifteen-year-old who came to Florida to join her adoptive family after the earthquake. Darline had gone to Leogane that day for her cousin's funeral instead of going to school. She describes what she saw after the quake. She got back to find that her school had collapsed. Darline says that she thought this was happening around the world. I remember one of the students at school asking me the same question the evening of January 12th. She also says she thought the world was ending. Dick Gordon also talks to her adoptive mother about the struggle to bring her to the US. Darline describes how she felt upon arriving in the United States, still wearing the men's clothes she had been able to get after changing out of the white outfit she was wearing at the funeral; she says she was happy, but still full of sadness for her country. She talks about flashbacks and about her adjustment and how she is dealing with being out of Haiti and getting news from her friends who are still there.

You can listen here.

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