Tuesday, May 18, 2010

YET ANOTHER Children's Book with an Earthquake

I am reading The Willoughbys to my son. I shouldn't be surprised any more, but this book has an earthquake in it too. (I already told you about The Trumpet of the Swan, where there is some talk about an earthquake as an example of a catastrophe, and Paddington Here and Now, where Paddington's uncle disappears in an earthquake.)

In The Willoughbys, the parents go on vacation and send back a postcard to their children which reads, in part:
Though slightly bruised, we have survived quite a lovely earthquake (you may have read the headlines: THOUSANDS KILLED).

The book is full of dark humor, rather reminiscent of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, so this scene is supposed to be laughed at. I love Lois Lowry, but this isn't funny. (Other than that, my son is enjoying the book.)

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