Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Story from Haiti, part three

In this episode, Dick Gordon talks to Chris Rolling. I haven't met Chris and Leslie but we have mutual friends. I have been reading their blog for several years and we have had email contact as well. They live outside the city but Chris was in Port-au-Prince when the earthquake happened and he pulled people out from under rubble.

He also talks to a doctor (and Professor of International Emergency Medicine), Dr. Tony Redmond, who reminisces about going to other disasters. Next he interviews a woman, Leann Chong, who was trapped in the Hotel Montana. Then he returns to Dr. Redmond, who talks about the special power of help coming from around the world after a disaster. At the end there is a brief but beautiful story from Kent Annan, who works with Haiti Partners, about the aftermath of the destruction of Gonaives in 2004 and how Haitian people helped each other.

You can listen here.

I can't take any more of this. I'm taking a break. I'll listen to the rest of the episodes, and blog about them, gradually.

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