Thursday, May 06, 2010

Back Online and The Story from Haiti

The internet connection where I am staying has been out since Monday night due to flooding. I was able to get on briefly in other places a couple of times between then and now, but I am happy to find the connection working again today.

I downloaded all the podcasts that The Story did about Haiti right after the earthquake, but only today have I felt ready to start listening to them. The first one was tough because a beautiful, articulate friend of mine, Maggie Boyer, is interviewed. I saw her the night of the earthquake. I remember her telling me that her daughter, who had stayed home from school sick that day, was OK, but that I should pray for her boss, who hadn't found his wife and daughters yet. (They were found alive.) I haven't talked to Maggie since that night.

Listening to people talking about how they were desperately trying to contact their family members in Haiti made me grateful - again - that we were able to get a message out to our families that first night. How terrible it was for people who spent days and weeks trying to find out what had happened to the people they loved.

You can listen here.

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