Friday, May 07, 2010

The Story from Haiti, part four

On this episode, Dick Gordon talks to Margarett Lubin, who works for Save the Children in Port-au-Prince. She talks about the days immediately after the earthquake. One of the things she talks about is sending her kids to the States, and how many of her friends contacted her asking for help with getting their kids out. As I've posted here before, I have struggled with feelings of guilt about leaving with my kids, and it helps to hear stories from others who made the same decision, to get their kids at least out of the country.

The second segment is not about Haiti, but this podcast ends with an update on some of the people the program spoke to right after the earthquake, people who hadn't yet been able to get hold of their loved ones in Haiti. One says, when talking about the news he got, "I didn't know how to feel." How many times through this whole experience could I have echoed those words?

You can listen here.

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